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E4itek is registered in the People's Republic of China as Shanghai Shituo Enterprise Management Consulting CO. LTD.

Being based in mainland China enables us to provide companies located far away from China with a shortlist of credible and verified suppliers who deliver products with no compromise on quality. Our business ethics is our greatest asset, representing you eliminates the complications and disappointments of importing from China. If you are looking to strengthen your supply chain and engage with e4itek, we will ensure a speedy, reliable and quality assured delivery.

Our strength is in linking and connecting you with the right factories in China and Asia. China has many great factories and terrific people but many times there are unpleasant stories that occur when they shouldn’t have – and we are often called in to help putting things right. It is crucial to understand the underlying business mechanisms in China because it is a vast country with a very unique way of governance. e4itek is here to assist you to create an uninterrupted communication and quality bridge.​


No product is out of range of our capabilities.




We take great pride in being able to offer our customers access to world class products. Values maintained at e4itek define the character of our company, just as much as products and services that pass through our administration. We continuously aim...

Customer satisfaction

...to achieve customer satisfaction through excellent services and timely delivery of dependable products

Business relationships

...to build relationships that last with our clients by liaising with them directly, concisely and effectively in a fair and open manner.


We believe in interacting and contributing to local communities as a fundamental to being a responsible business.


As we expand our services into new places, we want our very existence to touch lives, particularly pregnant teenagers. e4itek strives to inspire by making improvements in everyday life for those in need. Working closely with key partners, by 2020 we aim to:


  • Help in the provision of food, shelter, clothing & eduction
  • Offer support to orphans and in particular the girl child

Our Chairman and Corporate Advisor Jan Zakarian comments:

“Dear Customer, Congratulations on your project, I wish you success in your journey and we at e4itek are committed to making it profitable”

The Claapphia Rescue Shelter for pregnant and sexually abused minors. | Harare, Zimbabwe


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